ZIFA’s CAF Certificates Don’t Pass The FIFA Test

ZIFA's CAF Certificates Don't Pass The FIFA Test
ZIFA’s CAF Certificates Don’t Pass The FIFA Test

Beware coaches and referees!” cautions a suspended Zifa board member.Don‘t let yourselves be taken for a ride by Zifa their certificates aren‘t recognised by either Fifa or Caf!” Zifa‘s interim executive board, headed by Gift Banda, have been running coaching and referee courses since last year including Zifa Level One and Level Two courses and will soon be offering a refresher course for Caf A licence holders from February 2025.

Wilson Mutekede, the technical director, says the refresher course will be conducted by a foreign instructor. Remember, Caf A licences only last three years and must be renewed with a refresher course organised by Caf!

Asked to comment on the claims made by a former Zifa board member, Mutekede said that while they may be suspended from Fifa, they are still recognised by Caf in terms of courses and certifications.

He went on to explain that it‘s the prerogative of the member association or convention member to organise said refresher course, per Article 33 of the Caf convention. To make sure of this, they decided to go local and hire Nelson Matongorere as the instructor. Finally, he rhetorically asked,We are suspended (by FIFA), but when we revert back, which system are we going to use?”

ZIFA Suspension: Zifa waits on Fifa -Newsday Zimbabwe

Though we may be suspended, we certainly don‘t suspend ourselves from learning; knowledge acquisition should never come to a standstill! It‘s a real shame when a negative atmosphere takes hold, and we can‘t help but miss out on some essential matters. We don‘t want to be left behind for another two years when we get back in the FIFA family and realise we‘ve been missing out on all the new trends. Sure, we‘re suspended, but that doesn‘t mean we don‘t keep up with CAF processes!”

Desperation is a nasty thing,” said the anonymous suspended board member.This association is just trying to make a buck off of it. The socalledcertificates andlicenses they are issuing are totally bogus. It‘s like someone offering to give you a Cambridge diploma if you take an exam at a place that‘s not even an accredited Cambridge examination centre. These people know exactly what they’re doing and it’s criminal.

Unfortunately, there are some folks who are so eager to coach that they’ll fall for it. Don’t be fooled – these ‘Caf A licenses’ are still invalid and can only be renewed when Zifa is recognized by Fifa again. Even if they bring in an international professor to teach the courses, it won’t make a difference. Sure, the skills may be taught, but the certifications are still worthless.”

Zimbabwe Football Association (@online_zifa) / Twitter

Zifa‘s most recent ploy? A sham of a plan to promise 15,000 teachers and tertiary officials that they can attend courses to become part of the Fifa family. All of this, of course, after they‘d already been banned from the Fifa family due to government interference. Who knew that Zifa had become a con artist? Referees have already tasted the bitter truth of their deception, having forked out their hardearned cash, only to find out it was all for nothing. Zifa, you can‘t fool us all!”

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