World Vision Job Vacancies That Are Available For June 2023

World Vision Job Vacancies That Are Available For June 2023
World Vision Job Vacancies That Are Available For June 2023

With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience the fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.

Come join our 33,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries and share the joy of transforming vulnerable children’s life stories!

Key Responsibilities:


  • East Program Hub (Hirna)

Number of Position

  • One(1)

Major Responsibilities

Programs development & planning: – Coordinates designing of all programs irrespective of funding sources including annual planning and budgeting processes by working closely with and supporting AP’s MEAL Officers for timely and quality delivery of MEAL functions in accordance with DME policy.  Towards this end, s/he facilitates timely orientations and capacity building on LEAP, DPA, HORIZON and other strategic initiatives using centrally shared materials, procedures and tools to respective APs.  S/he supports APs in the identification and contextualization of key indicators from the National Standard TPs including CWB target indicators that relate to program objectives and activities.  Moreover s/he supports APs in concept notes and proposals development as deemed necessary;

Monitoring and reporting: – Coordinates all projects’ and programs’ monitoring and reporting activities including AMR, SAR, AMIC and LQAS measurements and others to ensure proper measurement of set indicators within the CPO irrespective of the funding sources by working closely with and supporting AP MEAL Officers.  S/he ensures identification and adaptation of appropriate monitoring and reporting tools and methodologies as required by respective stakeholders using participatory approaches as required. Ensures each AP has detailed schedules of activity monitoring and budget information tracking systems and processes and plans with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.  Moreover, s/he ensures the use of data management systems, the rigour of data analysis, aggregation and synthesis of results to draw inferences using appropriate tools by respective AP MEAL Officers.  Coordinates and ensures appropriate use of systems such as HORIZON and other NO’s established protocols.  S/he coordinates the preparation of regional and annual ChSA reports.
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Programs and Projects Evaluation: – Coordinates all projects’ and programs’ evaluations within the CPO by liaising with MEAL Department and Support Service Division (SSD) at NO, concerned project managers and the AP irrespective of sector or sources of funding for the project. S/he ensures proper coordination with respective stakeholders including regional, zonal and woreda government offices as required and participation of communities in the evaluation process through the concerned AP.  Ensure evaluation of reports are shared with concerned stakeholder for learning and future use.

Accountability:-Coordinate and support APs in rolling out social and program accountability frameworks and establishment of feedback mechanisms from beneficiary communities in APs which have pleaded to implement the framework and encourage and support other APs to implement the same.

Surveys and assessments: – in collaboration with concerned units at NO and APs, coordinate surveys and assessments following set standards and guidelines using prescribed tools by partners.  Support AP MEAL officers in developing a sampling frame for baseline studies and proper coordination by APs with partners for appropriate timing of data collection and provision of feedback.  S/he supports APs in the internalization of standard tools developed or adopted by the NO for qualitative and quantitative data collection, field testing of the tools to ensure the relevance of the questionnaire or tools used for generating required data accuracy. 

Networking and Collaborate with Partners: –  S/he supports Cluster Program Office Manager in networking and collaboration with partners at zonal and regional governments level.  S/he will identify key users of the information sharing and facilitate comprehensive scoping for discussions with key stakeholders.  S/he review critical findings from monitoring, evaluation and various survey reports for sharing with concerned stakeholders and for use in new programs development. 

Other assignments:-  Undertakes other assignments given by the Hub Program Manager and lead relevant to the role and the Hub.

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Required Professional Experience

  • At least 4 years of working experience in MAEL
  • Must have a clear understanding of major donors’ perspectives, requirements and standards
  • Must have proven analytical/problem-solving abilities
  • Must have a clear understanding of major donors’ perspectives, requirements and standards
  • Experiences in Excel management

Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification.

  • University degree preferably M.Sc in monitoring, reporting and evaluation or Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Sociology, and related field Training and knowledge in gender equality
  • Training in MAEL framework
  • Training and knowledge in ODK or other MAE tools
  • Training on the MAEL framework
  • Training in publication & developing story

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  •       Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills – builds good relationships with internal and external stakeholders and maintains effective collaboration with all staff
  • Excellent skill in producing a quality report
  • Appropriate skills and experience in the capacity building and training of staff and partners;
  • Rich experience in handling productive meeting
  • Rich experience communication
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation
  • Excellent experience in proposal development, budget preparation and report writing;
  • Good knowledge of oral and written English language. 

Travel and/or Work Environment Requirement

  • Working primarily in the EPH semi-regular travel locally and internationally will be required.

Physical Requirements

  • Travel by road, flexibility with accommodation and dietary arrangements. Ability to partake in on-location production or live events.

Language Requirements

  • Fluency: English
  • working knowledge.  Afan oromo language speaking and writing is well come

Disclaimer: World Vision Ethiopia is a reputable organization that values transparency and fairness in its recruitment process and does not solicit any money for any job application. We encourage all job seekers to be cautious of any job ads that require payment or personal information upfront. If you have any questions or concerns about our job ads or recruitment process, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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