UEFA Team Analysis: Why Paris Saint Germain Are Said To Have No European Cup D.N.A?

UEFA Team Analysis: Why Paris Saint Germain Are Said To Have European Cup D.N.A?
UEFA Team Analysis: Why Paris Saint Germain Are Said To Have No European Cup D.N.A?

Paris St-Germain’s hopes of winning the Champions League for the first time were dashed once again as they were knocked out by Bayern Munich in the first knockout round. Despite having superstar players like Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, and Lionel Messi, PSG failed to score in both legs of the tie.

The team has spent over £1bn since a Qatari takeover in 2012, but their success has been limited to domestic titles, having won eight of the last 10 Ligue 1 titles and 12 domestic cups.

The team lacks balance and identity, and former players and analysts suggest that they should rebuild from scratch with young French talent instead of buying expensive superstars.

Mbappe is PSG’s top goalscorer and may leave the club to establish himself as one of the game’s greats, while Messi’s contract talks are ongoing, and Neymar’s future is uncertain due to his injury record.

Galtier is the sixth coach hired by the Qatari government, but like the other five, he has not been able to win the Champions League. However, two of the previous five coaches – Carlo Ancelotti and Thomas Tuchel – were able to win the Champions League after leaving the team.

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Galtier became the coach of PSG in the summer, replacing Mauricio Pochettino. He is one of only two coaches who have prevented PSG from winning the French championship in the last decade, leading Lille to victory in 2021. They are currently eight points ahead of Marseille, so they are likely to win another Ligue 1 trophy.

According to Laurens, the next few days will be crucial. Galtier is expected to remain until the end of the season and hopefully win the league. However, Laurens does not think that Galtier will still be the coach at the beginning of the next season.

Joleon Lescott, a former Everton defender, said that some of the best coaches in the world have coached PSG, but none have been able to find a solution. Tuchel was the closest but still fell short. Lescott believes that there are many issues at PSG that need to be addressed, and it won’t be easy to sort them out.

Reasons Of The Defeat

  • No substitute or player was able to cover the gap left by Neymar due to his injury
  • The Neymar effect the coach changed the team formation from 3-4-3 to 3-5-2 trying to cover up Neymar’s gap but the team failed to adjust
  • The team has no depth
  • Stardom in the team promotes individual play no teamwork
  • Coach ran out of plans to counter approach to the game and he relied on the brilliance of Messi and Mbappe which was not the order of the day.
  • The coach can not suit PSG D.N.A there is a need for a new coach

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