Top Non-Governmental Organisation Job Vacancies In Zimbabwe

Top Non-Governmental Organisation Job Vacancies In Zimbabwe
Top Non-Governmental Organisation Job Vacancies In Zimbabwe

The Training Coordinator will assist the Country Director to achieve or exceed the annual goals for the HOPE Zimbabwe Savings Group Program by ensuring that all training activities are planned and conducted in accordance with HOPE’s Savings Group methodology and HOPE International’s mission and vision. Promote and fulfil the mission and vision of HOPE International

Spiritual Integration and Christian Witness

  • Ensure a personal healthy spiritual balance within family, work, and church life through the adoption of Biblical, personal, and spiritual disciplines
  • Support weekly devotions among HOPE staff in order to maintain a focus on the program’s Christ-centered mission and to promote spiritual growth among, staff, facilitators, and Savings Group members

Training Activities

  • Plan for and facilitate training sessions to equip Church Facilitators using the RESTORE Guide
  • Coordinate and assist with the facilitation of MC/FC initial training and monthly meetings using the Coordinator Guide
  • Provide oversight and leadership on all training activities for Church Partners – Ministry Coordinators (MCs), Field Coordinators (FCs), Church Facilitators (CFs) & Church Leaders
  • Assess the training needs of HOPE Zimbabwe and Church Partner staff and volunteers in order to address competency gaps
  • Equip Field Coordinators with a Savings Group mentoring guide and monitor its effective use in monthly facilitator mentoring meetings
  • Ensure Church Partners are holding effective MC/FC and FC/CF Monthly Mentoring Meetings (MMMs). This includes a review of meeting documentation as well as routinely attending these meetings
  • Work with HOPE International CSU & DSU training staff to develop training plans for the Zimbabwe SG Program
  • In collaboration with the Quality Assurance Officer, maintain and update training records and document training needs within the HOPE Zimbabwe SG Program
  • Review partner training reports and provide HOPE Zimbabwe leadership with updates on training accomplishments against the training plans
  • Design mechanisms to ensure quality and effective training outputs at all levels of the HOPE Zimbabwe SG Program
  • Collaborate with the Quality Assurance officer to measure and evaluate training effectiveness among all ministry participants – MCs, FCs, CFs, SG members and Church Leaders
  • Ensure that HOPE’s Mission and Vision are upheld in all training sessions
  • Support all new (and existing) Ministry Coordinators and Field Coordinators to successfully establish the SG ministry within their respective church denominations
  • Initiate and maintain ongoing healthy communication with Ministry Coordinators and Field Coordinators
  • Submit comprehensive and timely individual and monthly training reports to the Operations Manager & HOPE International’s training team
  • Participate in weekly training calls with the Africa Regional Training Coordinator for HOPE International
  • Attend necessary HOPE International Saving Group training
  • Collaborate with the Operations Manager to identify promising stories of impact from among SG members throughout the HOPE Zimbabwe SG Program
  • Support the Finance team with managing the budgeting and forecasting process, including variances for the Training department
  • Participate in the annual operations audit and ensure the implementation of recommendations thereof

Training Materials


  • Facilitate necessary translation & revision of training materials as needed
  • Ensure that HOPE’s training materials are produced with quality and are readily available for training in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with the HOPE International training team to facilitate curriculum development for HOPE Zimbabwe training needs
  • Provide feedback to the HOPE training team on curriculum effectiveness and the need for revision/adaptation


  • Coordinate successful implementation of the certification process for all identified Lead Trainer candidates, particularly at the Church Partner level (i.e. MCs & FCs)

Other Duties

  • Will perform other duties as requested by HOPE Zimbabwe leadership for the purposes of fulfilling the obligations associated with this position
  • Personal confession of the Christian faith and commitment to the mission and vision of HOPE International
  • Minimum of a qualifying bachelor or honours degree in training, adult education, development, other social science, or a similar field of study
  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in managing community development interventions required
  • Excellent cross-cultural communication and ability to work across different local cultures & varying denominational doctrines
  • Excellent computer-based communication skills and working knowledge of Microsoft Office – Excel, PowerPoint and Word
  • Fluent in spoken and written English and at least one major local language
  • Willing to travel up to 75 nights in a year, both within Zimbabwe and occasionally to other HOPE countries
  • Assertive self-starter with the confidence to ask hard questions and hold HOPE Zimbabwe management and church partner staff accountable
  • Highly flexible and willing to work in highly stressful, frustrating, and sometimes dangerous situations
  • A strong command of Adult Training Principles and demonstrated ability to use/apply these in varying contexts

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