Thomas Muller’s Comparison Of Messi And Ronaldo Sparks Debate On PSG’s Success

Thomas Muller's Comparison Of Messi And Ronaldo Sparks Debate On PSG's Success
Thomas Muller’s Comparison Of Messi And Ronaldo Sparks Debate On PSG’s Success

After leading Bayern Munich to victory over PSG in the Champions League, Thomas Muller, the team’s captain and Man of the Match, spoke to the media.

When asked about his impressive track record against Leo Messi at the highest level of football, he responded with respect for the Argentinian superstar’s accomplishments but also acknowledged the difficulties he faces at a club like Paris Saint-Germain.

Muller’s comments to journalist Georg Holzner from kicker were documented by the reliable source @iMiaSanMia and are quoted below:

Thomas Müller: “Against Messi, things always go well at all levels in terms of results. At club level, Cristiano Ronaldo was our problem when he was at Real Madrid. But I have the greatest respect for Messi’s World Cup performance” [@georg_holzner]

Muller praised Messi’s exceptional performance in the World Cup, highlighting his crucial role in leading the entire squad. However, Muller acknowledged that playing for a team like PSG could be challenging and achieving optimal team balance was difficult.

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During a recent match against Bayern Munich, Messi faced difficulty breaking through their defence and keeping up with Kylian Mbappe.

Nagelsmann and his team successfully isolated Messi and prevented the PSG midfield from providing him with adequate support. Additionally, Muller unintentionally obstructed passes intended for Messi’s teammates.

This match adds to Messi’s unfavourable record against Thomas Muller, a player with a contrasting playing style. Despite their differences, football often pits opposing personalities in competitive environments.

Muller’s comments may be taken out of context by Ronaldo fan pages in the future, causing controversy among Messi supporters. Nonetheless, Muller’s remarks have kept Messi fans on their toes.

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