Save Football, Please! A Request and Open Letter to ZIFA and SRC
Save Football, Please! A Request and Open Letter to ZIFA and SRC

Save Football, Please! A Request and Open Letter to ZIFA and SRC

Dear Zimbabwe Football Association and the Sports and Recreation Committee (SRC) (ZIFA),

Our Warriors have had a successful voyage thus far, as they have again qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

The concern, though, is not about requalifying. We as a country are worried that the FIFA ban may prevent us from ever playing another international match.

Our future domestic and international players are another area of concern. What kind of football future does Zimbabwean football have for them?

An Open Letter To Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA)

I, along with many other Zimbabweans, have the following queries for SRC and Zifa:

  • Time is running out, and we risk being barred from participating in the upcoming AFCON, CHAN & World Cup qualifiers. When are you going to resolve your differences?
  • Can’t you resolve the issues without bringing up politics for the future of football in Zimbabwe?
  • Why don’t you reinstate Felton Kamambo so he may finish his term, which is due to expire anyhow? You can then push the ZIFA council members to vote Kamambo and his executive out at the subsequent election while that is going on. We can escape FIFA sanctions with this method.
  • Major European clubs are interested in local talents like the teenage phenom Bill Antonio, They may not be able to accept them because of the FIFA suspension.
  • Due to the FIFA ban, local players who have ambitions to play overseas now face uncertain futures and may see those ambitions dashed. Please resolve the conflict to preserve the local talent.
    Our athletes might not be able to go, but events like CHAN provide local talent with a chance to shine and show off their skills. What will we do next?
  • What about athletes who were born outside of Zimbabwe yet are allowed to represent their country? To enhance their resumes and highlight their abilities, they all need to compete for the Zimbabwe national team.
  • Are we asserting that CHAN, COSAFA, AFCON, etc., no longer exist?

Uganda complied with FIFA and their National Soccer Team got their ban lifted up with immediate effect, and they are now back to all regional and international football tournaments.

Finally, it is heartbreaking to witness our beloved football withering. We implore SRC and Zifa to save the aspirations of gifted local footballers and those with foreign addresses. Save football, please. Let’s think about all the kids who have overcome poverty through football.

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