Relationship Woes At Bayern Munich: Nagelsmann's Girlfriend Causes Stir In Dressing Room |

Relationship Woes At Bayern Munich: Nagelsmann’s Girlfriend Causes Stir In Dressing Room

German football club Bayern Munich is said to have had a “big problem” with their former coach Julian Nagelsmann’s relationship with journalist Lena Wurzenberger, according to former Bayern and Germany defender Markus Babbel.

Nagelsmann, who is just 35 years old, was dating Wurzenberger, a journalist for the German newspaper BILD. Wurzenberger has now left BILD completely, after initially stepping back from covering Bayern Munich when she began dating Nagelsmann. Despite this, there were reportedly trust issues at the club before Nagelsmann’s sacking, due to the relationship.

Babbel claimed that Nagelsmann’s relationship with Wurzenberger was a major topic in the dressing room and “it didn’t go down well at all that he was with her”. He also noted that “his girlfriend was therefore a big problem for Bayern”. The relationship reportedly caused a lack of trust among some players, who were concerned that anything they said might end up in the newspaper.

Lena Wurzenberger Julian Nagelsmann

Nagelsmann was sacked by Bayern Munich this week, with the club second in the Bundesliga, just one point behind Borussia Dortmund. The club has appointed former Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel as the new head coach, and his first game will be against Dortmund following the end of the international break.

It’s worth noting that Nagelsmann split up with his wife Verena after 15 years together before it emerged he was in a relationship with Wurzenberger. He was on holiday skiing with his 30-year-old girlfriend in Austria when news reached him of his sacking from Bayern.

This news has sparked debate among football fans and analysts about the role of relationships between players and journalists in football. Many argue that such relationships can create conflicts of interest and undermine the trust between players and the media. Others argue that such relationships are common in football and should not be a cause for concern.

Regardless of where one stands on this issue, it’s clear that Nagelsmann’s relationship with Wurzenberger was a major talking point at Bayern Munich, and it may have played a role in his sacking from the club. It remains to be seen how Tuchel will fare as the new head coach, but one thing is certain: the spotlight will be on him as he takes over at one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

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