Re-born Machine: Denver “Mundikumbuke” Mukamba Vows To Start Afresh At Dynamos

Re-born Machine: Denver "Mundikumbuke Mukamba" Vows To Start Afresh At Dynamos
Re-born Machine: Denver “Mundikumbuke” Mukamba Vows To Start Afresh At Dynamos


Denver Mukamba is a talented midfielder who is trying to change his reputation from being a villain to a superhero. With his third stint with Dynamos, he signed a oneyear contract after being released by Ngezi Platinum Stars in January. His return has been met with a range of reactions due to his past controversies.
He last played for the club that made him famous when he won the Soccer Star of the Year award in 2012 and was coached by Lloyd Mutasa in 2018.
The lanky star, now 30 years old, has had a troubled past, having been accused of gross indiscipline and crossing over to rivals CAPS United. Additionally, a failed stint in South Africa has been part of his twotime league title-winning career.
However, the player has stated that he has turned over a new leaf, and is now more focused than ever on football. He acknowledges that while some of the things said about him are true, he is no longer living in the past, as people are capable of changing.
Denver Mukamba Included In Warriors Provisional Squad - zimbabwe
Mukamba stated,I‘m a changed man, and you‘ll see it soon. Life is everchanging, and I‘m no exception. I‘m not a fan of the controversy that follows me around, so I‘m trying to leave it all behind by playing some great football. Some of the labels and tags I‘m associated with are true, some are false.
I‘m now 30 years old and one of the senior players at Dynamos, so I need to be a good example for the younger guys. I need to play and behave well, so they can learn from me.”
I‘m thrilled to have resigned with the club that made me who I am today. This is the biggest team in Zimbabwe and I‘m determined not to let them down. It‘s been a tough road since leaving Ngezi Platinum Stars, but I wanted to come back home and here I am. I plan to give it my all both on and off the field.
The love I was shown by the Dynamos supporters when the Glamour Boys had a pre-season friendly against Sheasham at Ascot in Gweru was incredible. I didn’t play in the match, but the DeMbare fans flocked to me afterwards. I was humbled by their support and wanted to show them that I respect them as well.
Denver, the star that fell from the sky into the river - Soccer24
Mukamba expressed his commitment to helping Dynamos win the league title this season, stating that he has matured both in character and in his game. He promised fans his best performance on the pitch and pledged to put an end to any controversy surrounding him.
He concluded that the time has come for the club to be victorious, and they must go for the championship and nothing less.

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