Planning for Your Child’s Education: List Of The Best Creche, Nursery, and Preschools in Zimbabwe

Best Creches, Nurseries, and Preschools In Zimbabwe You May Consider For  Your Child (January 2023)

As parents, we all reach that point in life when we start seeking recommendations from friends and family on Facebook or WhatsApp groups for the best creche to enrol our precious little ones. It’s a natural instinct to want the very best for our children, and selecting the right foundation for their education is a crucial decision that should not be taken lightly.

Surprisingly, if you wait until your child reaches university to become serious about their education, you might have missed the ideal window. The search for a quality foundation education should ideally start early, perhaps even when you first learn about the upcoming addition to your family.

Yes, you read that right.

Upon discovering your pregnancy, amidst all the preparations and maternity-related considerations, it’s essential to also start contemplating the type of education you envision for your child. Will you opt for homeschooling? What curriculum will you follow? At what age will they attend a formal school? Decisions like these should be addressed well before your child takes their first breath.

But enough with the advice; let’s delve into the heart of this article.

For those currently searching for the right learning environment for their child, we present a comprehensive list of creches, nurseries, and preschools available in Harare. Though we have endeavoured to make this list as comprehensive as possible, it is possible that a few options might have escaped our notice in our research.

Please note that this list does not rank the institutions based on being the best, the most affordable, the least crowded, or the most educationally focused. Instead, it serves as a compilation of all the creches in Harare that we have sourced from various websites, Facebook groups, and WhatsApp.

If we inadvertently missed any creches or if you have additional suggestions to enrich our list, we welcome you to share your insights by commenting below or by taking a moment to complete a short form we have prepared to gather relevant details that would benefit other parents. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us via WhatsApp at 0719553310 or call us on 0774903737, and we will gladly assist you in your quest for the perfect educational setting for your child.

Best Creches, Nurseries, Preschools In Zimbabwe: Location, Addresses &  Phone Numbers

NameAddressContact Number
A’ Little Me Preschool24 Coull Drive, Mt Pleasant263771333863
Abbeys Preschool17 Wheeler Avenue, Eastlea263242747055
Absorbent Minds Montessori Preschool26 Colanbrander Road, Milton Park263772315816
Acacia Junior School
AFM Day Care17842 Shaftsbury Road Cranborn0772 136744 / 073 141595 / 0772413063
Alexandra Academy0773 418650
Allure Preschool41 The Chase, Mt Pleasant263242333111
Amandas Nusery, Creche and Preschool6 Dundry Close, Corner West & Quindon Rds, Strathaven26324233 9267 / 230 2660 / 26377231 8548 / 071 275 9844
Amandas Pre-school6 Dundry Close Crn West/Quindon Road Strathaven071 2759844 / 0773067426
AMP Highlands Global12 Sandton Road, Sentosa0735872379 / 0772252184
Angels At Play Nursery and Preschool14 Thurston Lane, Avondale263772131166
Angies Day Care Centre194 Masotha Ndlovu Way, Cnr 4th Parktown,26377221751
Arcadia Full Day Care Centrecorner Woodstock / Jumpies street Arcadia0772 767458
Arcadia Nursery SchoolStand 7724 Stuhardt Ave, Arcadia26324277 0384
ARK Christian College17418 Flanagan Road Hillside263773698401
Ashmil Infant & Nursery School – Belvedere187 Samora Machel Avenue, cnr Blakeway Drive, Belvedere(024) 2778410 / 0731 580222 / 0772580222
Ashmil Infant & Nursery School – Eastlea42 Fereday Dr, Eastlea(024) 2778646 / 0731 816517 / 0772816517
Aunt Angie’s Nursery & Pre-School460/113A Southway Waterfalls26324266 9291
Avondale Emblem Nursery School84 Mendell Rd, Avondale26324233 5710
Avondale Garden & Creche16 Wakefield Rd, Avondale26324233 9391
Ayness Montessori24 Winchester Road. Belvedere263772555021
Baby Steps – Athlone77 Greengrove Drive, Athlone
Baby Steps – Marlborough25 Sawley Close, Marlborough078 575 4995
Baby Steps Group of Schools641 Greengroove Drive, Athlone Shops, Greendale263772660606
Baby Steps Nursery School99 Harare Drive, Greendale26377266 0606 / 26377196 0666 / 26377407 6290
Balmoral Day Centre19 Josiah Tongogara St(024)2 764125
Bambini Montessori1 Creswick Road, Hillside26377285 6629
Beautiful Beginning Preschool18544 Stone Ridge Park, Waterfalls (near Chibwe Church Ministries)+263772628814
Beit Avenue Early Childhood10 Beit Avenue cnr Blakistone Street, Milton Park263772240082
Best beginnings44 Harare Drive Greystone Park26377366 5797
Best Beginnings Pre-School320 Herbert Chitepo0771 930479 / 0773 237766
Best Beginnings Preschool103 Broadlands Emerald Hill Harare263774355508
Best Beginnings Preschool Herbert Chitepo Branch320 Herbert Chitepo Avenue077 323 7766
Bible Temple Preschool9A Powell Rd, Waterfalls
Blooming Kids Nursery School18 Dover Road, Chisipite26324248 2067 / 073 393 5328
Bluebells & Butterflies Preschool39 Winson South, Corner St. Patricks, Hatfield263242573330
Bright Beginners Pre-School4 Appledore Avenue Chadcombe0772 894446 / 0778 407338
Bright Future Pre-School27 Flame Lily Drive Msasa Park0772 573843 / 0775 524124 / 0775 129965
Bright kids day care118 strurgess Road Cranborn0773 681037
Brooklands Nursery School & Play Centre191/34 Godfrey Avenue, Waterfalls0771648442 / 0734919462
Bryanston Pre-School237 Herbert Chitepo Avenue Corner Sixth Avenue0772 337945
Bryanston Preparatory School237 Herbert Chitepo Ave cnr Sixth Ave263772337945
Busy Bee Pre-School & Creche4 Annan Road Eastlea0733 926748
Busy Little Hands Nursery School210 Miller Road, Borrowdale26377241 1778
Button Wort Pre- School23 Oxford Road Newlands07772 32264
Buttons & Boiws E.C.D center31 Caithness Road Eastlea0772 306041 / 0779 837177
Buzzing Bee Junior School9B lauchlan Avenue Meyrick Park, Marlbereign26377683 0630
Cambridge Creche34 Cambridge Rd, Avondale,26324230 2292
Canonbury Preparatory School66 Cor Avenue, Letombo Park, Msasa073 232 2508
Chartgrove Pre-school6, 14th Avenue, Mabelreign26324230 5940
Cherub’s Playground & Nursery School15 Morningside Dve, Mount Pleasant, Harare(024)87 0609
Cheryl Creche9 Cheryl Rd, Avondale26324230 8255
Chiedza Child Care CentreStrachan St, Harare263242922120
Children’S Day Centre29 Loughborough Rd, Marlborough, Harare(024)430 0529,
Church Of God Pre-School7714 Glen View 8 Glen View, Harare(024)692 670
Cinderella Group of Schools23 Chiremba Road, Harare26324274 7257 / 0772 933171 / 0772 320388
City Kids Nursery16 Wakefield Road, Avondale26377294 9445
Clara’s ECD Centre1660 Westgate, Area D26377216 6912
Classic Nursery & Day Centre74 Glenara Avenue Harare0733 990195 / 0772 258474 / 0732528
Clever Cloggs Nursery School30 Arcturus Road, Highlands26377242 3624 / 26324249 7818
Coronation Nursery School11 Dover Road, Chisipite26377280 8117
Country Stables Nursery SchoolCorner St Brelades Road & Rolf Ave, Borrowdale26377241 3323
Cradle Infant School86 Broadlands Road, Emerald Hill263242307324
Creative Arts Nursery School4 Bishops Road, Belvedere26324274 1668 / 26377225 4300
Crescent Creche16 George Crescent, Waterfalls26324266 5136
Curious Minds3 Boscobel Drive West, Highlands26324293 7327 / 26377237 1293
Deluxe Nursery School9 Cheryl Road, Avondale26377306 9741 / 26377280 8402
Dendy Nusery School34 Natal Rd, Avondale263242339267
Diligence Academy3 Durbam Road Avondale West(024) 2332522/3
Disney Day Care Centre20 Dunmore Ave, Queensdale Harare(024)457 3242,
Diverse Dynamic Teen Tots32 Cork Road Avondale Harere263772731718
Divine Beginners5 Chatambudza, Zengeza 5, Chitungwiza0778 815 527
Dynamic Idols Pre-School29 Sheelin Crescent Queensdale0772 686954
Eagles Nest1 dunmore Avenue Queensdale0784 488 000 / 0772 802113 /0773 401577
Eastlea Nursery SchoolDaventry Road, Eastlea26324274 7048
Eastview Nursery & Day Care Centre3 Eastview Gardens, Clyde Rd, Eastlea, Harare(024)449 8010
Elina Academy42 Midlothian Avenue Eastlea, Harare263773371182
Elite Play Group, Pre and Primary School71 Pendennis Road, Mount Pleasant26377751 6201
Ellatt Academy4635, Sungamberi Area, (kuma2000), Nehanda, DZ Extension0772816360
Elshaddai Divine Nursery School18 Mutsonzowa Road, Mufakose0773071087
ESTHER PRE-SCHOOL14212-10 Kuwadzana Extension, Harare26377343 5416
Eve’s Preschool4 Cameroon rd Borrowdale0772 368814
Excel Preschool390 1st Avenue, Waterfalls26377994 9126
Executots Preschool21 Jedburgh Road, Pomona26377290 2639 / 26377237 26739
Exploring Minds0772 309645
FacebookThreshold Preschool23 Bishops Road, Belvedere26324274 0100
Fairchance Early Learning Academy93 Harare Drive Mount pleasant Harare263778768290
Fairyfields Nursery School93 Montgomery Rd, Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe26324249 5915
Favourite Nursery School40 Learoyd Road Braeside0774 155284 / 0734 632517
Faye’s Play & Learn Creche45 Waterfalls Ave, Ardbennie26324266 1101
First Class Nursery School7 Inverness Rd, Eastlea, Harare(024)74 6650
Fortune Preschool & Nursery720 Maple Road, Sunway City0787389558
Garden of Angels Day center4 Appledore road chadcombe077 281 2795
Garland Academy Kiddos ECD Centre6 Kenton Lane , Hatfield26377364 5120 / 071 964 5120 / 071 964 5142
Giggeles Preschool34 Morton Jeffery Road, Eastlea0784 998117
Gilchrist Junior School121 Gilchrist Road, Marlborough, Harare26324230 2827
Golaby day center5 Karen Road Braeside0772 353061 / 0733110537
Goldbrook Junior College1 Waterfield Road Golden stairs Mount Pleasant Harare263774667234 / 263778836482
Golden Touch Elementary School10405B Kuwadzana0718626032
Great Heights Children’s Academy198 Samora Machel Ave, Belvedere073 696 7603
Great kids Nusrey / Pre-School10 Tsketsa Road Msasa Park0772 737732
Green Pastures Junior School49 Central Ave, Hatfield26377297 1827
Greencroft Nursery School3 Downham Ave, Greencroft, Harare26324233 1219
Greenhouse Preschool110 Palmer Road, Milton Park26377276104
Greystone Nursery School1 Shottery Road, Greystone Park263 (24) 288 4939 / 077 552 8917
Growing with Grace Preschool43 Livingstone Avenue263779180530
Gunhill Nursery and Junior School1436 Mukwa Drive westgate Harare071 3072556 / 078 294 7373
Hakuna Matata Junior School617 Worplestone Way, Glen Lorne072 488 055.
Happy Days Nursery School8 Tobruk Road Arcadia (By SDA Church)0778 198296 / 0777099091
Happy Feet Preschool2204 Manyuchi Way, New Marlborough0773411716/ 0775504118
Happy Hands18 Blare Road,Borrowdale26324288 4833 / 0778750330
happy harts Pre-School57 Merlin Close Waterfalls
Happy Little Star CareDay80 Piers Road Borrowdale0772 287420 / 0772 906176
Happy Nursery School13 Sawley Cl, Marlborough(024)230 0411
Hartmann House Preparatory School3 Borrowdale Road Borrowdale, Harare0772 020 319 /0772 021 518
Harvard Preparatory SchoolCnr. Harvard/Hudson Road Belvedere(024)2 2740132
Haverhill HouseNo. 40A Glen Lorne Drive, Glen Lorne26377146 4983
Headstuart Nursery School19 Sevenoaks Dve, Sentosa, Harare26324230 3904
Hearts Leap40 Bargate Road, Mount Pleasant26377443 3547
Hebrew Nursery SchoolStand 6996, Lenard Avenue Milton Park(024)276 2864
HericrècheFairway Dr, Harare071 547 2274
HJS Little Lambs Baby Day CareHillside26324274 7673 / 26377245 1402
Hodges Mary Stepping Stones Nursery21 Amby Dve, Harare26324248 7668
Huckelbury Educare Center101 Twentydales Road Hatfield
Hurlings Pre-School & Day Care Center1 Ingatestone Ave, Greencroft263774390611 / 26377552 9777 / (024) 2331995
ICI NurseryICI Complex, Boeing Road, Ridgeview26324274 0903
Impact Preschool95 McChlery Avenue, Eastlea0772317558 / 0732317558 …
International Children’S Day Centre70 Selous Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe26324279 3309
Jack & Jill Creche21 Cardiff Ave, Belvedere26324273 8294
Jireh- Inspiration Pre -School12 Callinicos Close Hatfield0712 631451
Junior Creations Preschool43 Newmarch Road, Upper Hillside071 8678392
Kiara’s Preschool & Day Care80 Alexandra road, Hatfield
Kid’s Stuff Nursery School96 Harare Dve, Harare26324230 9168
Kids Academy Pre-School218 Chiremba Road Chadcombe0773 888674 / 0719 888674
Kids Info ZimbabweJosiah Tongogara St, Harare26377480 9987
Kids Land Care Centre55 Herbert Chitepo Avenue harare263772466593
Kids Oil Of JoyCorner of Yarmouth/Enterprise Rd26377337 1330
Kids R Kids Nursery Preschool53 Brooks Drive Braeside263778031222
Kids-R-Us Nursery School9 Harare Drive, Chisipite, Harare26377521 9411
Kidz College84 Mendel Road Avondale263772325344
Kidz Dot Com Preschool3756 Mainway Meadows, Waterfalls073 2511979
KinderKastle Creche201 Mutare Road26377948 0388
Kinderkastle Prep School201 Samora Machel071 490 2050 / 26377237 6150
Kindle Heaven Preschool7 Danbury Rd, Avondale West0774742829 / 0773145387
Kingfisher Early Learning Centre165 Coronation Avenue Greendale Harare26324249 6037 / 0712636167
Kingsmead Nursery School & Creche1 Kingsmead Rd, Borrowdale26324288 3190
Klever Kids Monterssori Pre-school48 Glamorgan Avenue Belvedere, Harare(024)75 7790
Kwa-Lity Daycare Centre and Pre-School1295 Dogwood Road Westgate071 7438223
L & A Nursery & Preschool11 Monmouth Drive, Avondale
Learner’s Haven Preschool37th Cresent, Harare073 592 5736
Lewisam Nursery SchoolCnr Kent/Lewisam Avenue, Chisipite26377226 8128
Lighthouse Junior School20 York Avenue Newlands0773 492025 / 0719 492025 / 0772 865378
Lil scholars Preschool7 Clifton Road Greendale, Harare26377106 193
Little Ambassadors Preschool3764 North, Crowborough Rd, Harare26377542 4093
Little Angels PreschoolOld Alex Park/Belgravia,26377528 0490
Little Blessings Nursery School1 Yarmouth Avenue the Grange Harare263242499108 / 263772345079
Little Explorers20 St Dominic Road, Milton Park263773452831
Little Fingers Nursery30C Schanna Road, Hatfield077 781 2304
Little Huggies Preschool3 Kinross Road, Alex Park26377272 6440 / 0712 539037
Little Lambs126 Coronation Avenue, Greendale26377824 1791
Little Learners Day Care and Preschool9 Selous Road, Ballantyne Park, Borrowdale26377545 7167 / 073 763 4991
Little Legends Nursery and Preschool2 Midlothian Avenue, Eastlea (Behind Eastlea Shopping Centre)(024)746726
Little Me Pre-school24 Coull Drive, Mount Pleasant0771 333863 / 0778755473
Little People14 Clairwood Road Alexandra park Harare263242745732 / 263772227152 / 263774065680
Little Steps3 Lee Road, Greendale,26324248 1647 / 26377992 7971
Little Tykes Preschool632 Kuwadzana 1, Harare
Littlehood Preschool & ECD Centre36493 Hadzinanhanga Road Chitungwiza26377191 6030
Living Stones Nursery SchoolNorthside Community Church, 8 Edinburgh Road, Harare26324288 3230 / 288 3554 / 26377230 2928
Lloler’s Kindergarten19 Gondo Street, Msasa Park0778 915546 / 0772 317922 / 0714 261876 / 0242570694
Lucy Ibbotson Creche151 Baines Avenue Avenues Harare073 3442437 / 073 3540880
Maclyn Prepartory School1145 Rockfern Hatfield
Mall Nursery School104 Central Ave, Harare(024)72 0569
Mansion Infant & Junior School26 Nirvana Road, Hatfield26377260 8778 / 073 519 5508
Manson infant School11 Rue Close, Msasa Park0735 195508 / 0772 608778
Mapwood Junior School12 Southey Road, Hillside(024)277 8993 / 0776 224452 / 073 2872691 /0774 834659
Marimba Creche44 Honde Way, Marimba Park26324269 8409
McChlery nursery school11 Windsor Avenue, Newlands263242776324
Merit Preparatory and Junior School56 Second Ave, Parktown, Waterfalls077 800 2007
Micky Mouse PreschoolStortford Pde, Harare
Momo Jane Care Creche16026 5th Cres, Sunningdale26324257 6150
Moonrise School31A Nirvana Road, Hatfield26377126 3083 / 26377363 7698
Mother Touch Creche601 Mukonono Rd, New Marimba Park26324269 9589
Mothers love Day care1237 Douglas Close (off Scott Road), Hatfield0778 81755, 0772 616436
Mount Pleasant Nursery School51 Quorn Ave, Mount Pleasant(024)30 1837
Mrs Knight16 Arnott Road, Cranborne0771 646 028
Murray’S Creche233 Chiremba Rd, Hatfield26324257 2072
Mutendi Montessori Day School17 Mold Crescent, Avondale26377244 8876
Mutorwa Ndishe jounior & Pre-School252 Chiremba Road, Hatfield0242 570204 / 0774 700667
Nadia’s Infant School – Cranborne20 Dempster Road, Cranborne0772 345461 / 073 4369918
Nadia’s Infant School – Hatfield34 Kilwinging Road, Hatfield073 7539944
Nadia’s Infant School – Hillside14 Hillside Road, Hillside0773 435 944
Naemy Day Care & Preschool1437 Mukwa Dr, Westgate26377301 1347
Nenyere Day Care CenterBlock 13, Nenyere Flats Mbare(024) 2610079
New Generation Preparatory School7549 Mangwende Drive, Old Highfield08644 270036
Newlands Day Nursery5 Connaught Ave, Newlands(024)474 6051
Newlands Kindergarten10 Argyll Drive, Newlands26377210 640 / 26324274 6470
Newmeans Creche and Primary School24 Coull Drive, Mt Pleasant26377687 7277 / 26377133 3863
Nirmeen Nursery & ECD Centre72 Eastcourt Road, Belvedere North04 750 110
Nova Satus Christian Academy60 Queen Elizabeth Rd(024) 2492 349
Nyasha Junior School226 Churchill Drive, Marlborough263242309100 / 263774531068
Oasis Preparatory and Nursery362 Adylin, Westgate26377227 0088 / 073 437 9992
Olive Tree Infant Academy24 Wendy Drive, Belverdere26377427 2997
Oma Honey Bunch Day Care41 Longford Road Queensdale077239234 / 0775503363
Once Upon a Time Nursery School25 Argyll Drive, Highlands(024)2776470 / 263773067401
Oriental International (ECD) Learning Centre74 Piers Road, Borrowdale26324288 3337 / 26377216 0720
Pacesetters ECD Centre and Nursery7181 129th Circle, Kuwadzana 5073 3306676
Patapata Montessory Nursery schoolWayhill Lane East, Umwinsidale263777394283
Petite Daycare Centre37 Glengarry Avenue, Highlands26377453 1068
Pitter Patter Preschool24 Trent Road, Avonlea26377970 0315
Planet International Preschool15 Percy Fynn Road, Belvedere073 762 3233 / 071 234 4419
Platinum Kids6 Kingsmead Road Borrowdale0772 726440
Precious World Preschool15 George Crescent, Waterfalls+263775952009
Queensdale Creche10 Shetland Road, Queensdale077 2264636
Radiant Kids96 Harare Drive, Marlborough(024)309 510
Rainbow Nursery School6 Midvale Road, Chisipite071 387 4014
Rainbow Pre-school and Nursery3 Casterns Avenue, Belvedere0772 679495 / 0775988200
Rainbow Preschool and Nursery3A Mupani Avenue, Old Marimba Park26377598 8200
Reekworth Schools36 Jansen Road, Sentosa26377115 3191
Reneys Jounior SchoolKing George / Aberdeen Road, Avondale0771 574970
Rishworth House Preparatory School4 Toledo Close, Borrowdale26324286 2763
Riverlodge International School99 Harare Drive, Chisipite26377339 0509
Rockview Group Of Schools17802 SR Herbet Teylor Ave, Belvedere078 357 3831
Rose Of Sharon Pre-School29 Flame Lily Drive Msasa Park0772 669545
Rosemary Row Nursery School49 Cork Road, Avondale077 499 9301
Royal Crown Nursery School910 Bwavira Street Hatcliffe.263774639809
Royal Montessori Academy460/113A Southway, Waterfalls086 44136866
Ruby Day Center10 Southward Cross, Arcadia0778 081535 / 0786281162
Ruvimbiko Children’s Centre36 Cork Road, Avondale26324279 4728 / 26324247 2504
Samara Kiddo’s Preschool18 Dorchester, Mabelreign078 4525503
Sesame Corner Early Learning Centre3 Queensgate Road, Northwood, Mount Pleasant26377451 6983
Shawanda Preschool and Nursery805 Kambuzuma Drive, Kambuzuma073 398 7650
Shelly’s Play Centre38 Glamis Road, Hatfield26377238 3035 / 26377274 6317 / 26377343 9142
Silver Oaks Nursery School11 Balmoral Gardens, Fife Ave, Avenues(024)72 2889
Silverton Nursery And ECD6 Silverton Ave, Letombo Park, Msasa26377641 4536
Smart Cubs I Liongate Junior College64 Golden StairsRd, Ashbritle, Mount Pleasant26324230 4811
Smart Squirts PreschoolEdinburgh Road, Vainona0778 028580
Smartie Pants Daycare And ECD Centre139 Gunhill Borrowdale Road078 415 2723
Springdew Nursery2184 Westgate Bluffhill, Area D263772871167
ST Johns Educational Trust179 Fisher Avenue, Rolf Avenue, Borrowdale Road(024) 2870942 / (024) 2850626
St Nicholas Nursery SchoolCnr. Zata St & Mangwende Dve, Highfield(024)66 2342
Starlets Nursery15 Harrow Avenue, Avondale(024)2304348
Starting Point Nursery School5 Isobels Road, Avondale263779994174
Stella & Friends Learning Centre19 First Street, Marlbereign Shops, Opposite Alfred Beit School263775015853
Steps to School66 Cambridge Drive Greendale077 2364288
Streams Of HopeChandeler Close, Hatfield0772 919152
Sunderland preschool & Junior17 Sunderland Ave, Belvedere263772417839
Suneagles Nursery School16 Vincent Avenue, Belvedere(024)2748461 / 0719237545 / 0775237545
Sunrise Creche59 Van Praagh Ave, Milton Park26324279 4727
Sweethearts Adventures Preschool228 Section 1, Kambuzuma, Harare+263776128784
Taal-NET PreschoolCorner Glenara and Clyde Road Eastlea073 9091035
Taby’s creche and nursery35 Canada Drive Braeside0773 620433
Tadam Nursery School & Daycare Centre160 Robert Mugabe Road, Eastlea(024)74 7506
Tamba Tamba Childrens Play Centre57 Princess Drive, Newlands08677 101397
Teenie WeeniesChisipite , Harare26377237 8283
The Avenues School ecd / infants School3751 Wembley Crescent Eastlea0864 4120551-2 / 0716370690 / 0772 396911
The Cradle Nursery86 Broadlands Road, Emerald Hill, Harare0772 279308
The Gingerbread House92A Kingsmead Road Borrowdale26377260 3842
The Great Light Preschool839 Ruwanga Road, Mandara26377659 7014
The Learning Planet Schools149 Borrowdale Road, Gunhill26324274 4963
The Vital E.C.D School1886 Bideford Road, Chadcombe, Msasa Park0772 726553 / 0772 280274 / (024) 258 3122
The Volatile Kids E.C.D255 Chiremba Road Hatfield0773 275318 / 0773 911245 / 0773 168997
Tiny Footprints Nursery7 Viking Way, Ridgeview263772298311
Tiny Tots36 / 38 Kaye Eddie Drive, Chadcombe, Msasa Park(024)2 573406
Tiny Tots Junior School20 Dunmore Avenue, Queensdale0775 541431
Tiny Treasures Daycare and Pre-School211 Second Street Extension Avondale(024) 2332743 / 0717746513 / 0772746513
Tiptoes Day Care6 Margate Road, Eastlea077 2 166650 / 0772114151
Top School24 Coull Drive, Mount Pleasant0775 352180
Topaz ECD Learning CentreWhitecliff Pl, Harare26377415 1588
Tots Academy International21 Rolf Avenue, Rolf Valley, Chisipite26377700 1828
Townsend Learning Centre (TLC)9 Townsend Road, Emerald Hill, Harare26377271 4714
Tunyenyedzi Montessori Preschool6 Radnor Road, Emerald Hill263774069566 / 071 260 0929
Twinkle star36 Creswick Road, Hillside0774435004 / 0773 657577
Violet Creche120 Chiltern Drive, Waterfalls26324261 0343
Westwood International School42 Alexandra Drive Hatfield073 7260671 / 078 2896306 / 7
Wings of Care Infants5 Hornbill , Emerald Hill0719 980833
Wise Owl Learning Centre37 Lomagundi Road Avondale071 712 8678 / 071 701 3048
Yellow Rose Creche9 David Morgan Cr, Avondale26324230 8637
Zeni The Zebra Creche7th Ave, Harare(024) 269 1114
Outside Harare
Budding Kids K\indergarten ECD4428 Lot 4.Highlands.Zvishavane0777195624
Unique Babies Centre Chitungwiza Unit JUnit J0773261936
Edward’s Angels Infant School26355 Unit N Extension, Chitungwiza0772391488
Edward’s Angels Children’s Centre21468 Mharapara Road, Young Africa Skills Centre, Chitungwiza0772391488
Barney ECD CenterRoman Catholic Church Mkoba 14 Gweru0778397300
Happy Feet Early Learning Centre30 Sadie Kaplan Ave, Paddonhurst, Bulawayo+263783631933
Shining Stars Day Care and ECD Centre2487 Munhumtapa Kadoma0774945350

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