Onana’s Choice: The Story Behind Why He Declined Man Utd’s No.1 Jersey

Onana's Choice: The Story Behind Why He Declined Man Utd's No.1 Jersey
Onana’s Choice: The Story Behind Why He Declined Man Utd’s No.1 Jersey

Andre Onana’s Meaningful Choice: Why He Opted for No.24 at Manchester United

Following his impressive £48 million transfer from Inter Milan, Andre Onana surprised many by choosing the No.24 shirt at Manchester United instead of the traditional No.1 goalkeeper’s jersey. In a recent revelation, Onana sheds light on the reasoning behind his unique decision and the personal connection he holds with the number.

The Cameroonian shot-stopper’s choice to wear the No.24 jersey demonstrates a departure from the norm for goalkeepers, who are typically associated with the No.1 shirt, worn by legendary figures such as Edwin van der Sar, Peter Schmeichel, and his predecessor, David de Gea. However, Onana’s attachment to the No.24 runs deep, as he previously donned the same number during his stints at both Ajax and Inter Milan.

Explaining his decision, Onana expressed his fondness for the number, revealing that it holds a special significance—it corresponds to his birthday, the 2nd of April. Choosing this particular shirt allows him to carry a piece of his personal history and identity with him on the field. He feels a strong emotional connection to the number and sees it as a source of inspiration, given the positive experiences he has associated with it throughout his football journey.

Andre Onana already has 'important' relationship with one Manchester United  star - Manchester Evening News

While some might view the selection of a jersey number as a trivial matter, it can hold immense importance for players, symbolizing their individuality and marking meaningful milestones in their lives. Onana’s decision to stick with No.24 serves as a testament to his desire to stay connected to his roots and maintain a sense of familiarity amidst a new chapter in his career at Manchester United.

Looking ahead, Onana might soon make his debut appearance for the Red Devils during their pre-season game against Wrexham AFC, a League Two outfit, as part of their United States tour. With the No.24 jersey on his back, Onana aims to carry forward the success and fond memories associated with the number and create new memorable moments for both himself and the club. As he steps onto the pitch, he embraces the optimism of a fresh beginning while carrying his cherished number with pride.

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