Luca Ranieri’s Brilliant Act of Sportsmanship: Faking an Injury to Allow Muslim Teammate Break Ramadan Fast


Fiorentina vs Inter: Sofyan Amrabat Breaks Fast During Game

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims around the world, during which they observe fasts from dawn until sunset. It is a significant period of spiritual reflection, prayer, and devotion for Muslims. Millions of Muslims observe Ramadan, including some of the world’s most notable sports stars.

Sofyan Amrabat, the Moroccan World Cup hero and Fiorentina midfielder, is one such athlete who is observing the fast during the holy month of Ramadan. During a recent Serie A match between Fiorentina and Inter, Amrabat was allowed to break his fast in the dying moments of the game after his teammate, Luca Ranieri, seemingly feigned injury.

The Moment of Opportunity

With his team 1-0 up, Amrabat was seen kneeling by the sideline eating a banana and drinking water in the second minute of stoppage time after Ranieri went down and called for attention on the pitch. The Italian defender sat down holding his legs with no player around him and appeared to go down without any contact.

With physios coming onto the field, the game was momentarily paused, affording Amrabat the chance to take on food and fluids for the first time since Iftar – when he broke his fast that morning. The Moroccan midfielder took full advantage of the break and replenished his body with the necessary nutrients to continue playing.

Luca Ranieri's Brilliant Act of Sportsmanship: Faking an Injury to Allow Muslim Teammate Break Ramadan Fast
Luca Ranieri’s Brilliant Act of Sportsmanship: Faking an Injury to Allow Muslim Teammate Break Ramadan Fast

Ramadan and Professional Sports

Ramadan is a hugely significant period for Muslims and is marked across the world. The holy month began on March 22 and lasts for a month, during which Muslims refrain from eating or drinking during daylight hours. Fasting during Ramadan can be physically and mentally challenging, particularly for athletes who need to maintain their fitness levels to perform at their best.

Despite these challenges, many professional athletes continue to fast during Ramadan while competing in their respective sports. One such player is Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, who refused a bottle of water after coming off in Liverpool’s defeat to Manchester City on Saturday. Salah continued his fast despite the physical exertions of professional football.

Amrabat’s Performance in the Game

Amrabat entered the Fiorentina vs Inter game as a substitute and did not take long to earn himself a yellow card after a tackle on Raoul Bellanova in the 79th minute – just 13 minutes after coming on. However, the 26-year-old helped Fiorentina close out a memorable win over the 2020-21 Serie A champions.

Former AC Milan star Giacomo Bonaventura netted in the 53rd minute with the only goal of the game. As a result, the visitors ended the weekend in the ninth spot, 10 points off hosts Inter in fourth on 50 points.

Ramadan Break During Everton vs Tottenham

In the upcoming Premier League clash between Everton and Tottenham, there will be a break in play for the first time during Ramadan for players to break their fasts. This break will allow the Muslim players to take on food and fluids, which they will need to continue playing at the highest level.

Sofyan Amrabat was seen taking on water and eating a banana in the second minute of added time against Inter on Saturday

Final Thoughts

Ramadan is an essential time for Muslims worldwide, and it is a challenging period for athletes who must maintain their physical fitness while observing the fast. Sofyan Amrabat’s opportunity to break his fast during the match against Inter is a testament to the importance of Ramadan in the lives of Muslims. The break in play during Everton vs Tottenham will provide Muslim players with a much-needed opportunity to replenish their bodies with the necessary nutrients.

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