Barcelona Pessimistic About Lionel Messi's Comeback |

Laporta’s Cryptic Response: Barcelona Pessimistic About Lionel Messi’s Comeback

Lionel Messi’s dream return to Barcelona is currently looking bleak, with club president Joan Laporta expressing pessimism about the star’s potential comeback.

Barcelona’s Hesitation

The Catalan giants are finding it challenging to secure Messi’s signature once again. There are indications that Al-Hilal is on the verge of signing the Argentine maestro, further diminishing Barcelona’s hopes of a reunion. The club is now waiting for La Liga’s approval of their viability plan, which will enable them to make an offer to Messi.

Laporta’s Words

Speaking to Sport, President Laporta delivered a somber message, saying, “We will see. It’s difficult. If you do everything you can, there’s no obligation to do more.” This cryptic statement suggests that Barcelona faces significant hurdles in their pursuit of Messi.

Laporta's Cryptic Response: Barcelona Pessimistic About Lionel Messi's Comeback|
Laporta’s Cryptic Response: Barcelona Pessimistic About Lionel Messi’s Comeback

The Aftermath

Paris Saint-Germain’s recent 3-2 loss against Clermont Foot marked the end of Messi’s two-year spell with the French club. Now, as a free agent, Messi holds the power to decide his next move. Several clubs, including Inter Miami and Al-Hilal, have shown interest in securing his services.

Interest from Inter Miami and Al-Hilal

Inter Miami has been keen on acquiring Messi’s talents for weeks. However, their offer falls short in terms of financial allure when compared to that of Al-Hilal. Reports have emerged suggesting that the Saudi Pro League outfit has even dispatched a delegation to Paris to hasten the process of securing Messi’s signature.

As the football world eagerly awaits Messi’s decision, Barcelona’s hopes of a miraculous reunion appear to be dwindling. With Al-Hilal making significant strides and other clubs vying for his signature, it remains to be seen where the Argentine superstar will ply his trade next season.


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