Juventus To Get 15 Serie A Points Back After Deduction Reversed

Juventus wins appeal of 15-point penalty, vaults up to third in Serie A  standings

Juventus Receive Temporary Points Boost After Deduction Appeal

Italian football giants Juventus have been given a temporary boost after their points deduction was overturned on appeal. The 15 points, which had been taken away due to their involvement in the Super League fiasco, have now been reinstated until the outcome of the ongoing legal proceedings. This news has placed the Bianconeri back into the top four, ahead of Roma, AC Milan, and Inter.

Juventus’ Appeal Accepted

Following the testimony presented to the Collegio di Garanzia, the appeals made by Juventus have been accepted, as confirmed by the Italian Football Federation/FIGC in a press release. This significant development could prove to be a game-changer in the current season for the club.

Reformulation of the Sentence

The sentence has been temporarily reinstated, but it is expected to be reformulated in the coming weeks. The Italian Football Federation appeals court will be responsible for making the final decision in the next 30 days, and Juventus will be eagerly awaiting further news about the outcome of their appeal.

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Next Steps for Juventus

Juventus now have a crucial week ahead of them. They will first travel to Sporting CP in the Europa League before visiting Serie A champions-elect Napoli. The match against Napoli will be a huge test for Massimiliano Allegri’s side, who will be hoping to secure a vital win to strengthen their position in the league standings.

Impact on the Top Four Race

Juventus’ temporary points boost has placed them back in the top four and increased the pressure on the other teams in the race for Champions League qualification. With the season entering its crucial stages, every point matters, and Juventus will be looking to capitalize on their temporary reprieve to push on and secure their place in next season’s Champions League.

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Juventus’ temporary points boost has provided a welcome relief for the club and its fans. While the outcome of their appeal is still uncertain, the news that their points have been reinstated has lifted the mood around the club. The next few weeks will be crucial for Juventus, as they look to secure vital wins and strengthen their position in the league standings. The race for the top four is heating up, and Juventus will be hoping to take advantage of their temporary reprieve to push on and secure their place in the Champions League next season.

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