Jao Cancelo's Instagram Message To Manchester City After Champions League Win
Jao Cancelo’s Instagram Message To Manchester City After Champions League Win

Jao Cancelo’s Instagram Message To Manchester City After Champions League Win

Manchester City emerged as the victors in the Champions League last night, and Joao Cancelo has taken to Instagram to share his reaction. Pep Guardiola’s team achieved an extraordinary Treble by defeating Inter 1-0 in Istanbul, following their Premier League and FA Cup triumph. The solitary goal was scored by Rodri in the second half.

Manchester City faced difficulties in breaking down Inter’s defence during the match. Simon Inzaghi’s side executed a plan to frustrate City, pressing hard and forcing them into occasional sloppiness. However, Rodri’s crucial goal secured City’s long-awaited victory in the elusive tournament.

Numerous figures in the football world, including high-profile personalities, have sent their congratulations to Manchester City for their remarkable accomplishment. Joao Cancelo, too, has conveyed his message. Cancelo’s response to City’s Champions League victory was always anticipated with interest, as it was widely believed that his departure from the Etihad Stadium in January had not been on the best of terms. Despite both Cancelo and Pep Guardiola downplaying the situation publicly, there were doubts as to whether Cancelo would acknowledge City’s triumph.

This morning, Cancelo made two posts on Instagram that had no direct relation to City. One featured his dog, while the other was about UFC. Some speculated whether Cancelo intended to ignore City’s Champions League victory altogether. However, he has now messaged, sharing four words on his Story (excluding the club tag): “Congrats @mancity” along with a salute emoji and a clapping emoji, and adding, “You deserve it.”
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Credit should be given to Joao Cancelo for publicly congratulating his parent club on their Champions League success. Despite any previous issues, he chose not to overlook the club’s incredible achievement. Ultimately, Cancelo participated in the Champions League for City this season, providing four assists in the group stages.

However, he departed to join Bayern Munich, the team that City eliminated in the quarter-finals. Nonetheless, Cancelo is likely to receive a winner’s medal.


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