In A Video Watch Goalkeeper Leandro Requena Scoring From A Goal-kick


On March 18th, 2023, Argentine goalkeeper Leandro Requena scored one of the most remarkable goals in soccer history during his team Cobresal’s match against Colo-Colo in Chile’s top soccer league. The goal was scored from a distance of 101 meters and resulted from an innocuous goal kick by Requena. The goalkeeper for Colo-Colo, Brayan Cortes, was caught out of position and failed to intercept the ball as it bounced over his head and into the net. The goal was part of Cobresal’s 3-1 victory over their opponents.

Requena’s incredible goal has generated a lot of buzz in the soccer community, with many people hailing it as one of the most significant goals ever scored. If the distance is verified by Guinness World Records, it would break the current record for the longest-range goal, which stands at 96.01 meters and was set by Tom King in 2021 during a match between Newport County and Cheltenham Town in England’s fourth tier.

The goalkeeper spoke to Radio Bio Bio about the goal and said that he is thrilled to be a part of soccer history. He said that he asked his club’s manager, Juan Silva if they were going to make a request to Guinness World Records to verify the distance of the goal, and Silva confirmed that they would. The Chilean Football Federation also called Silva to check the measurements of the field, which is 150 meters and a bit. Requena said that if the area is five meters, which it is, then the goal would logically be over 100 meters.

In A Video Watch Goalkeeper Leandro Requena Scoring From A Goalkick
In A Video Watch Goalkeeper Leandro Requena Scoring From A Goal-kick

Requena explained that he thinks the altitude of Cobresal’s stadium, which is 2,400 meters above sea level, played a part in his remarkable goal. He said that he wanted to take the kick quickly, as they have done many times at altitude, to try to catch the opponent off guard. However, the kick came out a little stronger than usual, and the first thing he did when the ball left his foot was held his head. He said that there were two players in a clear position to counterattack, and he realized that he had kicked the ball too hard. When he saw the bounce made it difficult for Cortes and that the ball went past him, he thought the ball could go in.

Guinness World Records confirmed to CNN that it has not yet received an application for the record. If the distance is verified, Requena’s goal will go down in history as one of the greatest goals ever scored and a testament to the skill and athleticism of soccer players.

Soccer fans around the world have reacted to Requena’s goal with awe and admiration. Many have praised him for his quick thinking, athleticism, and accuracy. They have also praised him for taking advantage of the altitude of the stadium to score a goal that many people thought was impossible. Some have even compared Requena’s goal to other great soccer moments, such as Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal and Lionel Messi’s incredible solo run against Getafe.

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The reaction from the soccer community highlights the importance of remarkable moments in sports. Moments like Requena’s goal are what make sports so thrilling and captivating for fans. They remind us that anything can happen in sports and that even the most improbable outcomes are possible. They also remind us of the skill, athleticism, and dedication required to achieve greatness in sports.

Requena’s goal is a testament to the power of sports to inspire and unite people. It has captured the imagination of soccer fans around the world and reminded us of the beauty and magic of the beautiful game. As we celebrate Requena’s incredible achievement, we are reminded of the power of sports to bring people together

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