Heartfelt Farewell: Jordan Zemura’s Emotional Goodbye to AFC Bournemouth

Heartfelt Farewell: Jordan Zemura's Emotional Goodbye to AFC Bournemouth
Heartfelt Farewell: Jordan Zemura’s Emotional Goodbye to AFC Bournemouth

After his departure from AFC Bournemouth to join Italian Serie A side Udinese on a free transfer, Jordan Zemura, who joined the club from Charlton Athletic in 2019, took the opportunity to express his gratitude and emotions towards his former team. The Zimbabwean international’s departure from Bournemouth was marred by a contract dispute, leading to his exclusion from match-day squads and being banished from training with the first team for the remainder of the season.

As the Premier League season came to a close, Zemura turned to his social media platforms to convey his heartfelt message. He began by thanking his family and friends for their unwavering support throughout his time at Bournemouth, acknowledging the unforgettable experience of playing in the world’s biggest league. Despite the contractual disagreements, Zemura expressed his eternal gratitude to AFC Bournemouth for providing him with the platform to showcase his abilities and for trusting in him.

Zemura went on to extend his appreciation to the staff throughout the club, who had shown him love and care during his tenure. He also expressed his gratitude to the fans for their unwavering support and the special moments they shared together. Despite the challenges and criticisms he faced, Zemura emphasized that the love from the fans would always hold a special place in his heart.

Jordan Zemura departs Bournemouth for Udinese | OneFootball

Reflecting on his personal growth since joining the club as a 19-year-old, Zemura conveyed his heartfelt thanks to his teammates, acknowledging their support and camaraderie. He concluded his message with a firm statement of loyalty, stating that once a Cherry (the nickname for AFC Bournemouth), always a Cherry.

Looking ahead to his future, Zemura expressed excitement about continuing his development and striving to achieve his goals in the game. With a four-year deal signed with Udinese, he will become the first Zimbabwean player to compete in the Italian top-flight league. Zemura remained optimistic, expressing his determination to work hard and fulfil his ambitions with the grace and protection of God.

As Zemura embarks on his new journey in Italy, his emotional farewell message serves as a testament to the impact and memories he made during his time at AFC Bournemouth.

Jordan Zemura, dalla Premier League arriva l'erede di Udogie

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