Fact Check Is Claiming That Achraf Hakimi’s Trending Story Is Fake: Here Are The Reasons

Fact Check Is Claiming That Achraf Hakimi's Trending Story Is Fake: Here Are The Reasons
Fact Check Is Claiming That Achraf Hakimi’s Trending Story Is Fake: Here Are The Reasons

Achraf Hakimi’s Wealth Ownership: Separating Rumors from the Truth

Reports have recently surfaced that Moroccan footballer, Achraf Hakimi, has all of his wealth registered under his mother’s name. These rumours allegedly surfaced following his divorce case with his wife Hiba Abouk, which was filed on April 14th, 2023. Hakimi, who currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), has been making headlines recently with other legal troubles as well. In this article, we will investigate the rumours surrounding Hakimi’s wealth ownership and determine if they hold any truth.

The Allegations

According to Ugandan tabloid News 24/7, Achraf Hakimi’s wife demanded half of his property during the divorce case. However, she was informed by the court that her “millionaire” husband owned nothing, as all of his property was registered under his mother’s name. The tabloid further reported that 80% of Hakimi’s monthly income of €1 million from PSG was deposited into his mother’s account. Additionally, they alleged that Hakimi had no personal property, including cars, houses, jewellery, or clothes, and that his mother bought everything for him.

Investigating the Allegations

K24 Digital investigated these allegations and found that they do not meet journalistic standards for factual reporting. For starters, Abouk filed the divorce case publicly on April 14th, the same day that the reports emerged. Therefore, it is unlikely that the court had already informed her of her husband’s wealth ownership. It is also worth noting that there is no indication that Hakimi had filed his response to the divorce case yet, which could reveal more information on this matter.

Ashraf Hakimi's wife wants divorce; Half of the property – but his wife  Abuk was shocked to

Journalistic Ethics

In addition to these factors, journalistic ethics require that media outlets provide all parties mentioned in a story with an opportunity to respond. None of the media outlets that published the story reached out to Hakimi, Abouk, or Hakimi’s mother for comment. Therefore, these allegations cannot be confirmed as factual reporting.

Sources of the Story

Media outlets must rely on primary sources such as court documents, court proceedings, sources close to the subjects, or statements made by those involved. However, the story in question did not include any excerpts from court papers, proceedings, or quotes from anonymous sources. Moreover, no Moroccan authority or French media outlet has reported on the matter.

Conclusion In conclusion, the rumours surrounding Achraf Hakimi’s wealth ownership cannot be confirmed through online sources or journalistic standards. Therefore, media outlets and individuals should not rely on these allegations until they are supported by factual reporting.

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