Everton Reveals Frank Lampard’s Replacement

Everton Reveals Frank Lampard's Replacement
Everton Reveals Frank Lampard’s Replacement

Super Frank Lampard, a former Chelsea FC player and current Everton manager, is having trouble managing his team. Due to its poor performance during the current 2022–2023 season, his team is currently seated in the bottom three, where it is most likely to be relegated.

If Lampard’s poor form continues, he will most likely be sucked and replaced by Marcelo Bielsa, who has emerged as the better replacement according to Sky Football Updates.

Frank Lampard agrees two-and-a-half-year deal to become Everton manager |  Everton | The Guardian

Marcelo Bielsa once managed Leeds United in the English Football League. He is an Argentine football coach and former player. Bielsa is known for his unconventional and often eccentric approach to the game, earning him the moniker ‘El Loco’ (The Madman).

During his four-decade managerial career, he has won league titles in Argentina, Chile, Spain, and France, among other places. He has also managed Argentina and Chile’s national teams.


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