Dybala To Sue Juventus

Dybala To Sue Juventus
Dybala To Sue Juventus

Argentine forward Paulo Dybala is reportedly considering legal action against his former club Juventus, as he seeks to claim a sum of €50m. This sum represents the difference between the contract he was previously offered by Juventus and the deal he ultimately signed with his current team, Roma. The relationship between Dybala and Juventus is becoming increasingly fraught, and the two sides may end up embroiled in a lengthy legal battle.

There are several aspects to Dybala’s grievances with Juventus. For one, the club is believed to owe him around €3m from a prior payment arrangement. However, his frustration with Juventus goes beyond this unpaid sum. Dybala’s lawyer, Luca Ferrari, has stated that the club had agreed to extend his client’s expiring contract in 2021-22. He claims that Dybala and Juventus had agreed on a new five-year contract, worth €9.2m net, or approximately €17.4m before taxes. However, the club did not follow through with this agreement, and Dybala’s contract with the club ultimately expired in June 2022.

According to reports in Italian media, Dybala‘s lawyer has already discussed the matter with Turin prosecutors. In his conversations with Assistant Prosecutor Marco Gianoglio and Prosecutor Mario Bendoni, Ferrari expressed his intention to pursue legal action against Juventus on two fronts. First, he wants to claim the unpaid sum of €3m, which the club owes Dybala. Second, he wants to seek €50m in damages, which would represent the difference between the contract Dybala had agreed with Juventus and the deal he ultimately signed with Roma.

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It is worth noting that Dybala had signed a separate agreement with Juventus, which was supposed to guarantee him a sum of €3m whether he stayed or left the club. However, the disagreement between Dybala and Juventus centres around the fact that the club had initially agreed to extend his contract in 2021-22 but ultimately backed out of the deal. According to Dybala’s lawyer, this agreement was reached “in every essential element,” and Juventus was contractually obligated to follow through on it.

Dybala’s frustrations with Juventus are understandable, given the circumstances. He is a talented player who has shown himself capable of performing at the highest level, and he likely feels that he was treated unfairly by the club. At the same time, it is unclear whether his legal action against Juventus will be successful. The club may argue that they were within their rights to back out of the contract extension, or they may claim that Dybala is not entitled to the full amount he is seeking.

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Ultimately, the dispute between Dybala and Juventus may be resolved through a lengthy legal battle. It remains to be seen whether the two sides will be able to come to an agreement out of court or whether the matter will proceed to trial. However, it is clear that this is a complex issue that will require careful consideration and legal expertise to resolve. For Dybala, it may be a matter of securing the compensation he feels he is owed, while for Juventus, it may be a question of protecting their reputation and financial interests.

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