DNA Test Ordered As Pele’s Secret Daughter Inherits Share Of Fortune

DNA Test Ordered As Pele's Secret Daughter Inherits Share Of Fortune
 DNA Test Ordered As Pele’s Secret Daughter Inherits Share Of Fortune

The footballing world has been rocked by the revelation that Pele, one of the greatest players of all time, may have had a secret lovechild. The child, Maria do Socorro Azevedo, was the result of a fling with her mother in the 1980s.

Pele, who died in December 2021, left a will in which he instructed that Maria must have a DNA test to confirm whether or not she is his daughter. If the test proves positive, she may be entitled to a share of his estimated £75 million fortune.

Pele was married three times and officially had seven children. However, Maria’s claim has cast doubt on the extent of his family and the size of his fortune.

Her claim was initially made last year when she began a paternity recognition process before the Sao Paulo State Public Defender. The Regional Court notified Pele of the claim, but his deteriorating health prevented him from taking a DNA test.

Despite the shock of Pele’s family at the news of his possible lovechild, his will had made it clear that he wanted Maria to be included in his estate if she was proven to be his daughter. A source told Mirror.co.uk, “It seems Pele used the will to let his family know about the heir.”

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The news of Pele’s secret lovechild has been met with mixed reactions in Brazil, where he is a national hero. Some fans are outraged that such a legend could have been unfaithful to his wives, while others have expressed sympathy for Maria and her mother.

The situation raises questions about the responsibilities of famous men who have extramarital affairs. Many public figures have been revealed to have secret children in recent years, and the impact on their families and legacies can be profound.

In Pele’s case, it remains to be seen whether Maria will be confirmed as his daughter and how his estate will be distributed. However, the news has certainly added a new chapter to the story of one of the greatest footballers of all time.

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