Divock Origi Announces Shock Career Move To Pursue Lifelong Passion

Divock Origi Announces Shock Career Move To Pursue Lifelong Passion
Divock Origi Announces Shock Career Move To Pursue Lifelong Passion

Former Liverpool striker Divock Origi has announced the launch of his own fashion brand via social media. The Belgian footballer, who left Liverpool to sign for Serie A side AC Milan at the end of his contract in the summer of 2022, has shown an affinity for fashion and frequently uses his social media platforms to share his love for clothing.

Origi has taken a significant step into the fashion industry by launching his brand, O-Cncpts, which is short for Origi concepts. The 27-year-old announced the creation of his new brand on Instagram, where he revealed a promotional clip of his new clothing line. Currently, the O-Cncpts page has just over 2,000 followers, and it features concept designs of two-piece outfits modelled by Origi himself.

In 2018, Origi spoke to the Soccer Bible about his love for fashion, stating that he believed it was in him from a young age. Origi said, “I think it comes from my mum because she’s very stylish. Every time I was given some money to go and buy some clothes, I would always be very creative. I’d go into the stores and try and match my clothes.”

Origi has a passion for expressing himself through clothing, and he sees it as a unique way to convey his personality. “I’ve always tried to make outfits that bit more special and unique. I think it’s my way of expressing myself because I’m not a big talker, I’m not really expressive in that way, but I am in the way that I dress.”

Liverpool legend Divock Origi confirms career twist to pursue his 'big  passion' - Liverpool Echo

Origi’s passion for fashion extends beyond his personal style. He has a genuine appreciation for fashion from all over the world, from Japan to London to Italy. Origi sees fashion as a way to express oneself and showcase individual creativity.

Origi’s new fashion brand comes at a time when Milan is currently hosting its first Fashion Week of 2023. The second edition of the event is scheduled for September. It is a fitting time for Origi to launch his brand, as the city is a hub for fashion and the perfect place to showcase his new clothing line.

In conclusion, Divock Origi’s passion for fashion has led him to launch his own clothing brand, O-Cncpts. The Belgian striker has shown a keen interest in fashion from a young age, and his love for clothing has inspired him to express himself through his personal style. Origi’s brand is set to bring unique, creative designs to the fashion industry, and with the launch of Milan’s first Fashion Week of 2023, it is the perfect time to showcase his new line.

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