Discovering Bikita: Exploring Its Hidden Gems and Must-See Attractions

Discovering Bikita: Exploring Its Hidden Gems and Must-See Attractions
Discovering Bikita: Exploring Its Hidden Gems and Must-See Attractions

Bikita, a district situated in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe, derives its name from the prominent Bikita Mountain in the Mamutse Area. The word “Bikita” is believed to have originated from the Shona term “Dikita,” meaning antbear, which aptly describes the shape of a nearby hill, as per information sourced from Wikipedia. Formerly known as Denga, signifying “up in the clouds,” Bikita has undergone several relocations throughout its history.

Located approximately 80 kilometres east of Masvingo Town, previously called Ft Victoria, Bikita shares borders with Gutu District, Zaka District, Chipinge District, Chiredzi District, Buhera District, and Mwenezi District. The district boasts a population of 162,356 individuals, according to the 2012 statistics.


Economic Highlights of Bikita:

Bikita Minerals Mine: Within the district lies Zimbabwe’s largest lithium mine, holding the world’s largest-known lithium deposit, estimated at around 11 million tonnes.

Agriculture: Bikita district is known for its crop production, particularly small grains such as sorghum, rapoko, and millet, which thrive based on the amount of rainfall received. For sorghum, optimal yields are achieved during seasons with lower rainfall. Additionally, Nerumedzo Village engages in the cultivation of Harurwa insects during the winter months. The region is abundant in various fruits, including Mazhanje, Nhengeni, Guavas, Bananas, Nzimbe, Nhunguru, Avocadoes, Pawpaws, Zvibhubhunu, Blackberries, Nyii, Tsvubvu, and other indigenous varieties.

Fishing: Bikita is home to several significant dams, such as Siye Dam and Rozva Dam, which serve as breeding grounds for various fish species.

Game Park: Devuli Ranch offers a captivating game park experience within Bikita.


Bikita hosts mission high schools that consistently achieve impressive pass rates, ranking among the top 100 schools in Zimbabwe. The notable mission schools in the district are as follows:

  1. Silveira High School: A Catholic Mission School
  2. Pamushana High School: A Dutch Mission School
  3. Mashoko High School: A Church of Christ Mission School

Places To Visit

Devuli Ranch


Chakas Lodges & Holiday Resort



Siye Dam:

Musimbira Ruins



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