Colleges That Offer Monitoring & Evaluation Programs & The Career Objectives

Colleges That Offer Monitoring & Evaluation Programs & The Career Objectives
Colleges That Offer Monitoring & Evaluation Programs & The Career Objectives

Monitoring and Evaluation Programs Offered by Zimbabwean Universities: Empowering Graduates for Social Impact

Zimbabwe boasts several prominent universities that offer comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) programs at the certificate, degree, and master levels. In today’s dynamic landscape, M&E practitioners are in high demand, particularly within Non-Governmental Organizations.

The fundamental purpose of Monitoring and Evaluation is to enhance performance and attain meaningful results. The M&E programs in Zimbabwean universities aim to produce versatile graduates well-versed in both the theoretical foundations and practical applications of monitoring and evaluation.

Below is a list of tertiary institutions offering M&E programs, along with the respective qualifications required for admission:

  1. Project Management Zimbabwe: The institution provides a Certificate in Project M&E (CM&E). Prospective candidates need a minimum of 5 “O” levels with proficiency in the English Language. However, adult learners above 30 years without 5 “O” levels but possessing relevant monitoring and evaluation experience, along with other qualifications, may be eligible for admission through a maturity entry basis. The duration of the course spans from six months to one year.
  2. The University of Zimbabwe: Offering a Certificate in M&E, this program requires candidates to complete the course over a period of six months. As a prerequisite, applicants must have successfully passed 5 O-level subjects, including English. No maturity entry option is available.
  3. Lupane State University: This university offers a Bachelor of Social Science Special Honours Degree in M&E. Aspiring students should hold a recognized first degree from this or another recognized university. Preference is given to applicants with prior work experience in M&E or related fields. The course duration extends to at least one (1) academic year, available in full-time, block, or parallel modes of study.
  4. Midlands State University: MSU provides a short course in M&E

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Career Objectives:

Graduates with qualifications in Monitoring and Evaluation can pursue various roles within social science environments, particularly as M&E specialists. Additionally, they are equipped to work as Program and Project Managers. The expertise acquired through this program also enables graduates to contribute to social science research, as the curriculum emphasizes research specialization.

These Monitoring and Evaluation programs at Zimbabwean universities cater to the growing demand for skilled professionals capable of driving social impact and fostering positive change within communities. By producing versatile graduates, the nation takes significant strides towards effective development and progress in diverse sectors.

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