Carlo Ancelotti’s Reasons On Why Out-Of-Favour Eden Hazard Is Not Starting

Carlo Ancelotti's Reasons On Why Out-Of-Favour Eden Hazard Is Not Starting
Carlo Ancelotti’s Reasons On Why Out-Of-Favour Eden Hazard Is Not Starting

Real Madrid’s manager, Carlo Ancelotti, has recently given an explanation for the absence of Belgian winger, Eden Hazard, from the starting line-up. Ancelotti has vowed to field the “best starting 11” to win games and has been consistent in leaving Hazard out of the starting line-up. Despite this, Hazard has remained committed to the team, stating that he will not be leaving before his contract expires in 2024.

Hazard, who has only made three La Liga appearances this season, and has only been included in the team sheet once for the Copa del Rey, had returned to Madrid after a rare run of fitness and consecutive starts in the World Cup. Ancelotti, however, has chosen to leave Hazard on the bench, despite being the team’s highest-paid player, earning €600,000 per week.

Ancelotti’s statements on Hazard’s absence from the starting line-up reflect his focus on winning games rather than giving playing time to every player. The Italian coach has stated that he does not take into account the player’s earnings or age, but rather their performance. Ancelotti has vowed to field the best possible team to win games, which, in turn, has left Hazard with limited playing time.

Despite the current situation, Hazard has remained committed to Real Madrid and has expressed that he has no plans to leave before his contract expires. He has been linked to a move to Major League Soccer in the United States, but his recent statements suggest that he is not currently considering a move.

La broma a Eden Hazard por su exceso de peso... "No voy a la despensa a por  bollos"

Real Madrid is set to face Barcelona, and Hazard is expected to be on the bench. However, barring injury, Hazard is likely to struggle for minutes throughout the season.

The situation with Hazard is not new to Real Madrid. The team has a history of being ruthless with players, even those who have a high salary or have had great success with the team. It is common for players to be left out of the starting line-up or sold, even when they are highly valued. The club has a philosophy of putting the team’s success above everything else, including the interests of individual players.

Hazard’s situation may be indicative of the challenges faced by Real Madrid in recent years. The team has struggled to find a consistent level of success, despite having a highly talented squad. They have also been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the finances of the club.

The situation with Hazard may also be reflective of the current state of football, where clubs are looking to balance their financial situation with the need to remain competitive. The recent trend of clubs focusing on youth and developing young talent, rather than buying established stars, is an indication of this.

Despite these challenges, Real Madrid remains one of the most successful clubs in football history, with a record of 13 European Cup/Champions League titles. The club has also had many of the world’s best players on its roster, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, and Ferenc Puskás.

Real Madrid vs Chelsea | Champions League: Hazard: I want to be ready for  the big games at the end of the season | Marca

The current situation with Hazard is just one of many challenges that Real Madrid will face as they seek to remain competitive in the coming years. The club will need to balance their financial situation with the need to remain competitive and continue its legacy of success. As for Hazard, he will need to remain committed to the team and continue to work hard to earn playing time. If he can do that, he may be able to make an impact and help Real Madrid achieve its goals.

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