Available Job Careers At Huawei Harare Zimbabwe

Available Job Careers At Huawei Harare Zimbabwe
Available Job Careers At Huawei Harare Zimbabwe

About the job


  • Provide customers with spare parts support and spare parts management services by contract, support the safe running of customers’ network devices, and ensure the operation of spare parts services and customer satisfaction.
  • Build a remote platform for centralised spare parts service delivery, ensure the smooth implementation of centralised spare parts service delivery, and continuously build a low-cost and high-quality delivery platform.
  • Develop key capabilities such as spare parts project delivery, planning, and logistics management, and support key delivery projects to ensure efficient operation of the spare parts business on the front line.
  • Manage the delivery team in the corresponding region, coordinate and communicate with related domains (such as warehousing/logistics LSPs), ensure the timeliness and accuracy of end-to-end spare parts delivery (SLA management and OTD achievement), promote the effective turnover of spare parts, and ensure the consistency of physical goods in accounts.
  • Manage the security of spare parts assets, and ensure asset security and mitigate internal control risks by organising routine stocktaking, KCP inspection, and on-site inspection of spare parts assets.

Educational background and experience required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Logistics, Engineering, Computer Science or any business-related qualification will be advantageous.
  • Work experience in planning and material control, experience in product life cycle planning, communication product maintenance, spare parts management, or logistics network design is preferred.
  • The ability of organising teams to interact well with customers can improve customers’ recognition of Huawei.
  • Have experience in project business management, including project implementation, budgeting, cost analysis of quarterly revenue, and annual operation review.
  • Have a product knowledge background and understand the project to be maintained.

Professional knowledge
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  • Familiar with communications electronic products
  • Possess some foreign trade knowledge and logistics background, and has worked on warehousing and logistics solutions.
  • Majors in communications, logistics management, etc.

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