After Indecent Gesture, Saudi Lawyer Calls For Cristiano Ronaldo’s Deportation

After Indecent Gesture, Saudi Lawyer Calls For Cristiano Ronaldo's Deportation
After Indecent Gesture, Saudi Lawyer Calls For Cristiano Ronaldo’s Deportation

Cristiano Ronaldo faces backlash over indecent gesture towards rival fans

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s stint at Al-Nassr continues to grab headlines as the Portuguese star faces backlash for an indecent gesture towards rival fans. Despite his impressive performance for the Riyadh-based club, Ronaldo was slammed for his WWE-inspired foul in a recent match against Al-Halil. While his side lost 2-0, Ronaldo was found guilty of hauling Al-Halil’s Gustavo Cuellar to the ground in a headlock and, surprisingly, escaped with a yellow card.

Rival Fans’ Provocation

After the match, the rival fans tried to get under Ronaldo’s skin by chanting Lionel Messi’s name to tease him. While walking down the tunnel, it appeared as if Ronaldo grabbed his crotch and pointed it towards the fans, further inciting the crowd.

Calls for Ronaldo’s Deportation

Sharing the video of Ronaldo’s indecent gesture, a Saudi lawyer has called for Ronaldo’s deportation from the country. The lawyer tweeted, “Cristiano’s behaviour is a crime. An indecent public act, which is one of the crimes that allows for arrest and deportation if committed by a foreigner.”

Ronaldo’s Legal Troubles in Saudi Arabia

Africa Entertainment TV on Twitter: "AETV SPORTS: Saudi Arabia Calls for  Deportation of Cristiano Ronaldo for Genital Grab in Front of Lionel Messi  Fans. Saudi Lawyer Nouf bin Ahmed demands Ronaldo's deportation

Ronaldo’s legal troubles in Saudi Arabia don’t end here. He is currently living with his partner Georgina Rodriguez in the country, even though they are not married. This goes against Saudi Arabian law, and Ronaldo has already broken the law.

Ronaldo’s Impressive Performance for Al-Nassr

Despite these controversies, Ronaldo’s performance for Al-Nassr has been impressive. He has found the back of the net on 11 occasions for his new club in 12 appearances across all competitions. However, Al-Nassr’s loss to Al-Halil has seen them fall behind in the Saudi Pro League title race.

Al-Nassr Knocked out of King Cup Semi-finals

On April 24, Al-Nassr was knocked out in the King Cup semi-finals as a ten-man Al-Wehda defeated them 1-0. During the match, Ronaldo appeared to be angry and animated at a support staff.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s stint at Al-Nassr continues to make headlines for both the right and wrong reasons. While his performance for the club has been impressive, his legal troubles and controversies with rival fans continue to plague him. It remains to be seen how this will affect his future in Saudi Arabia and whether he will be able to continue playing for Al-Nassr.

Cristiano Ronaldo booked for bizarre headlock as Al Nassr lose

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